C.I Introduction

PanStar, which opened a new era in Korean logistics in 2002, introduced the PanStar Dream, PanStar Sunny, SanStar Dream, Starlink One, Starlink Hope, PanStar Genie 1, and PanStar Genie 2. PanStar has been able to grow into a combined marine logistics company by launching high-speed marine freight ferry services that can compete with airfreight and providing differentiated cruise services. PanStar's symbol shape expresses the ship's chimney shape and represents PanStar's will to seek novelty at the center of the maritime logistics network.

Symbol Mark

The symbol mark that embodied the shape of the funnel in the ship represents the image of PanStar. It is the core element of the CI system, and the shape or colors should not be changed.


The regulations and principles for applying the symbol mark must be followed to prevent the damages of the image caused by the distortion, modification, and abuse of the identity.

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Color System

PanStar's main color, orange, indicates the passion
and innovation for customers, PanStar Group,
including all subsidiaries and brands, comply with
this color system to deliver a credible image for the group.

  • PANTONE 144 C
  • CMYK C0 M55 Y100 K0
  • RGB R241 G141 B0
  • PANTONE 2756 C
  • CMYK C100 M95 Y25 K20
  • RGB R20 G38 B104