Future Business

Energy-Communication Equipment

Designs, develops, converges and promotes high technologies and distributes them to the global market

We focuses on planning and promoting the leading technology business on a global level.
PanStar plans to grow into a high-tech specialized trading company by establishing a value chain that combines technical planning, business development, technological convergence, production management, marketing and logistics management in association with the core competencies of the PanStar Group and overseeing the entire processes of the above.

  • 1 Energy Storage System

    Conducts business supplying lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4) batteries and control systems(BMS) to companies conducting communication, energy and infrastructure services at the global market by promoting an industrial energy storage system from the technical planning stage.
    Develops and globally distributes FESS(Factory Energy Storage System), RESS(Renewable Farm), TESS(Telecommunication), HESS(Home) and the related solutions based thereon such as Virtual Power Plant(VPP) and Automated Guided Vehicles(AGV), et.c

  • 2 Communication Equipment and Related Materials

    Plans, co-develops and globally distributes the next generation of communication equipment including 5G Discovers various business opportunities applying the next generation of the network based technology focused on IoT(Smart Factory, Smart Ship etc.)

  • 3 Semiconductor Wafers

    Operates businesses of consignment manufacturing, processinges and distributinges various qualities of semiconductor wafers ranging from prime grade to test grade primarily for specialized fields at the global market through a supply contract with a global wafer manufacturing company.

  • 4 Raw Materials and Construction Materials

    Operates businesses of Performs consignment manufacturing, processinges, importings and exportings steel, wood and chemical products and construction materials.