PanStar strives to improve the quality of life and pursue happiness of each employee through a fair personnel system and welfare support.

  • Health Checkups

    PanStar supports all employees get regular medical checkups at outside professional medical centers.

  • Family Event Support

    PanStar provide cash gifts and wreaths for family events such as their marriage, parents' 60th birthday, etc.

  • Foreign Language Class Support

    PanStar supports 50% of academy tuitions for employees taking foreign language classes.

  • Club Activities

    PanStar supports various club activities such as volunteer activities and leisure, etc.

  • Refresh Vacation

    PanStar provides long-term employees with refresh vacation and supports vacation expenses.

  • Long-term employees

    PanStar presents a prize money and a commemorative plaque for long-term service to employees

  • Annual Paid Holiday and
    Maternity/Paternity Leave

    PanStar provides employees with annual leave, congratulatory leave, childbirth leave, and paternity leave.

  • Transportation Expenses

    Apart from the salary, PanStar supports the necessary expenses for work (taxi fare after overtime work or work-related transportation)

  • Other Supports

    PanStar provides a variety of benefits for employees, including support for family events, four major national insurance, and the use of company condominiums.