To create new value for our customers,
PanStar thinks first and acts first

At a Glance

PanStar creates a new value through a network beyond shipping and distribution.
The challenge and innovation of PanStar continues.

  • 31YEARS

    31st Anniversary of
    PanStar Inc. SINCE  1990. 07. 12

  • 1,525,241PEOPLE

    PanStar Osaka Cruise Ferry Busan-Osaka Total number of passengers

  • 40HOURS

    Panstar Korea Land Bridge Korea-China-Japan Lead Time

  • 439VOYAGE

    Coast & International Cruise Authentic Cruise Operation Counts

Business Area

Panstar’s infinite potential has paved the first road on the ocean.
Now, we’re making the best for the customers.

  • High-speed Cargo Ferry

    Panstar is a marine transportation company that uses a high-speed Ro-Ro ferry.
    It established a constant maritime transportation system through the
    local corporate of Japan that possesses a local customs license,
    which helps to reduce transportation expense and lead time up to a
    similar degree as air freight.
    We guarantee fast and safe transportation from
    container freights to various forms of bulk freight,
    construction equipment/material, automobile, etc.,
    by loading them right into the ship without containers.
    Panstar high-speed freight ferry guarantees faster, safer, and more convenient service.

  • Cruise Ferry

    Elegant cruise with higher quality services, high-end cabins, and facilities,
    we guarantee a comfortable and convenient cruise with differentiated services.
    Enjoy a chance to make new friends and memories,
    and feel the real thrill at the PanStar cruise.
    The Busan-Osaka cruise trip will stop by Seto Naikai
    with a magnificent view of the ocean and provide various cabins and convenient facilities
    Busan harbor weekend one-night cruise, famous for various
    performances and events, such as the
    magnificent fireworks that decorate the night sky The third
    weekend of every month,the Straits of Korea
    one-night cruise where the passengers could enjoy a
    special duty-free shop within the ship

  • International Express

    Korea·China·Japan international express freight service
    that has become faster with same-day clearance and consistent distribution system,
    A new concept of international marine express service based on
    high-speed freight ferry, ‘PIEX,’ will expand e-commerce even more.
    Panstar provides the new international distribution service with PIEX,
    the international express freight service that maximized efficiency by
    employing all the procedures of international express transportation,
    such as local distribution, packaging, customs,
    bonded transportation, marine transportation, etc.
    Experience the new name of international express freight, PIEX. (PanStar International Express)

  • Automobile
    Repairing Equipment

    The leader of automobile repairing equipment, the global repairing brand HESHBON
    PanStar Enterprise has developed X-TYPE lift for the first time in Korea
    and has been leading the market by developing high-tech equipment
    based on the verified technology, such as various types of lifts,
    tire wheel balance, tire changers, wheel alignment, etc.
    It has been recognized for its quality and safety globally
    by establishing a sales network
    in 40 different countries, including the United States, Europe, Japan, etc.

  • Eco-friendly
    Vessel Technology

    Provide eco-friendly ship technologies such as Ballast Water Management
    System and Sox Scrubber Expert engineers and sales
    teams support shipyards and ship owners around the world based on
    a variety of installation experiences,
    from basic concepts to installation solutions We provide
    high-quality technical services to our customers.
    From 3D scanning to basic design, detailed design, drawing approval,
    and installation supervision.

  • Storage

    PanStar New Port International Distribution Center,
    located in the Busan New Port Free trade area,
    is providing competitiveness in distribution with
    the tax benefits by shippers, ship owners, and the enterprises within.
    It is located in the optimum place for high-value product operation
    (assembly, disassemble, processing, repairing, repackaging, etc.)
    and transit shipment and is equipped
    with real-time supervision and report system by stationing people
    responsible for consistent manipulation.


PanStar high-speed freight ferry boasts promptness,
safety, and excellent punctuality.
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