Future Business

Software & Platform

Operates business based on authenticated encryption technology and establishes networks and platforms using such technology

We design the next generation networks and develop application technologies based on authentication and encryption technology which we obtained a patent on, and present the same in the form of various products and services to the global market.
Especially, we are currently targeting the overseas market by developing various types of platforms and services starting from vessels, logistics, manufacturing and wireless communication sectors.

  • 1 Device Verification Solutions

    Provides verification solutions for ultralight devices such as sensors and IoT devices, etc. as well as various information and communication equipment.
    Provides user's secondary verification and system verification on various applications, websites and systems.

  • 2 Data Encryption Solutions

    Provides solutions that enable real time transmission and storage of encrypted data such as various transaction information and user data or files as well as bulk image data without delay by means of simultaneous encryption from the data generation stage.
    Develops data protection solutions and services eitherinterconnected with the encryption of the existing terminals and communication intervals or operated independently

  • 3 Network and Platform Establishment Business

    Establishes the next generation network environment such as 5G, Smart Logistics and Smart Factory, etc. and combines them with the relevant solutions thereof.
    Establishes and develops various platforms optimized for different types of network environments in collaboration with global companies.