After 2011 ~ 2020

Leap and innovation :
diversified fields of business,
such as distribution, manufacture,
vessel technology, etc.


  • 03Supplied Sumitomo Japan co., ltd. with lithium ferric phosphate battery system


  • 07The 30th Anniversary of PanStar CO., LTD

  • 06Registered as an express transport company, Commenced international marine express cargo services


  • 10Opened the Hydrogen Eco-friendly Energy Research Center : PANSTAR ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

  • 08The 20th Anniversary of SANSTARLINE CO., LTD.

  • 05State Emergency Control Merit Prime Minister Commendation : PANSTAR LINE.COM CO., LTD.

  • 04Appointed the exclusive model for PanStar Cruise : PANSTAR LINE.COM CO., LTD.


  • 04Obtained a local Shinomoseki customs clearance license in Japan : SANSTARLINE CO., LTD.

  • 04Commenced the Busan-Shimonoseki route service by PANSTAR GENIE NO.2


  • 12Introduced "PANSTAR GENIE NO.2" vessel

  • 11Commenced the Busan-Nagoya route service by PANSTAR GENIE

  • 09Introduced "PANSTAR GENIE" vessel

  • 07Opened a new information system HELIOS(shipping line, forwarding, cruise, finance)

  • 02Developed an IoT-based smart vessel application system

  • 01Entered into the PSA Agreement for Costa Crociere, Italy NeoRomantica Cruise


  • 10Commenced the T.S.P.S(Trilateral Sea-highway PanStar Service

  • 10Commenced the Shidao China route service by STARLINK ONE

  • 07Obtained the bus business license : SANSTARLINE CO., LTD.

  • 04Obtained the shipper AEO certification : PANSTAR LINE.COM CO., LTD.

  • 04Commenced the Korea Strait one-night cruise service

  • 01Obtained the freight forwarder AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) certification : PANSTAR CO., LTD.


  • 12Obtained the second-class international freight transportation service license : SANSTARLINE CO., LTD.

  • 12Acquired Heshbon Co., Ltd. and changed the business name to PANSTAR ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

  • 10Commenced the Yokohama route service by STARLINK HOPE

  • 03Obtained the first-class freight transportation service license : SANSTARLINE CO., LTD.

  • 03Commenced the Masan I-Port route service by STARLINK ONE

  • 02Subscribed to the marine insurance of 1 billion dollars for PANSTAR DREAM

  • 01Commenced the Masan I-Port(Gapo Newport) Port operation & Stevedoring services : PANSTAR TREE CO., LTD.


  • 08Obtained the Korean Register of Shipping "SMC (Safety Management Certificate), DOC (Document of Compliance)" : PANSTAR TREE CO., LTD.

  • 04Commenced the Osaka route service by STARLINK


  • 12Opened PanStar Busan Newport Global Distripark

  • 12Introduced "STARLINK HOPE" vessel

  • 09Commenced the Tokyo route express cargo ferry service for the first time by Korean and Japanese marine companies

  • 08The number of Busan onenight cruise passengers exceeded 100,000

  • 01Commenced the Osaka route service by STARLINK ONE


  • 11Commenced the Tsuruga and Kanazawa routes services by STARLINK ONE

  • 11Registered for the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs ocean-going regular freight transportation business : PANSTAR CO., LTD.

  • 08Introduced "STARLINK ONE" vessel

  • 06Commenced the Yeosu Expo one-night cruise service


  • 12Established PanStar Busan Newport Global Distripark

  • 06Trial cruise service in Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park

  • 02Registered for the port transportation business (general loading and unloading) : PANSTAR TREE CO., LTD.