Establishment of Optimal System and Achievement of Best Utility and Economic Feasibility

PanStar Busan Newport Global Distripark, as a resident in Busan Port's newport free trade zone, has price competitive edges in logistics costs pursuant to tax benefits offered to cargo owners, shippers, and resident companies.
PanStar BNGD is located in the optimal location for higher-value added tasks(assembly, disassembly, processing, repair, inspection, and repackaging, etc.) and transshipment cargo trading, and BNGD is equipped with the real-time supervisory and reporting system by allocating responsible personnel for integrated control. Furthermore, BNGD secures mobility and safety by allocating exclusive and special loading and unloading equipment for warehouses with different functions.
PanStar BNGD is focused in developing higher-value added logistics services through establishment of overseas bases and partnerships with global logistics companies.

  • 1 RO/RO Vessel Connected Service

    Achieves prompt loading and unloading and non-stop logistics service through RO/RO vessels by establishing a network with Japan's total logistics company.
    Saves transportation costs since the logistics center and the newport terminal are located nearby to each other.

  • 2 Reduction of Lead Time and Cost Saving

    By combining inland and marine transportations, reduces lead time, saves inventory costs through informatization management, and offers logistics consulting.

  • 3 Creation of New Cargoes with High Added Values

    Offers the logistics services that take advantages of the Busan Newport's low storage fees and cargo handling fees among others.

  • 4 Establishment of Advanced Base for Trading

    Enhances products' global competitiveness through saving of logistics costs such as reduction of transportation distance, assembly, labeling, packaging, and storage among others.

  • 5 Offers the state-of-the-art storage service for special cargoes

    Operates storage facilities for hazardous substances(Outdoors 990㎡, Indoors 300㎡) and constant temperature and humidity chambers(435㎡).

Additional Service

  • Packaging

  • Assembly

  • Selection

  • Labeling

  • Weight

  • Quarantine