Eco-friendly Vessel Technology

Installations of Ballast Water Treatment System and SOx Scrubber, Global Engineering Service

PanStar TechSolution is a global engineering company that offers installation solutions for Ballast Water Treatment System and SOx Scrubber that are installed in vessels.
Our engineers with specialized skills and sales business team are supporting the globe's shipyards and shipowners based on a wide range of installation experiences. From the basic concepts to installation solutions, we offer a high-level technical service to our clients.

  • 1 Competitive Pricing

    Offers a reasonable quote by proceeding with its own system from 3D scan to basic design, detailed design, plan approval, and installation supervision

  • 2 Abundant Installation Experience

    With diverse systems and abundant installation experiences, instantly responds to any variables that occur at the time of installation, and thereby saves construction period and cost

  • 3 Consulting service

    Offers the consulting service through actual vessel environment survey and objective data analysis so that clients can decide the appropriate system

  • 4 Offers Integrated Engineering

    With design designers and service engineers, performs all tasks related to installation on behalf of clients