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PanStar IEX

PanStar International Express Services

PIEX Service provided in Korea, China and Japan which has become even faster by utilizing the one-day customs clearance and integrated logistics system

E-Commerce business among Korea, China and Japan will be expanding even faster through 'PIEX(PanStar International Express)', the new concept of PanStar's international marine express cargo services primarily based on PanStar's express cargo ferries. PanStar offers new international logistics services using PIEX, international express cargo services, which has maximized efficiency by operating all the processes required for international express transportation including local logistics, packing, clearance, bonded transportation and marine transportation, etc.

  • 1 PanStar Express Cargo Ferries
    (Maritime Transportation)

    Achieves daily express delivery service throughout the mainland of Japan by offering a non-stop shipping service to major(Japanese) ports such as Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Shimonoseki and Tsuruga

  • 2 SanStar Line
    (Japan Customs / Local Distribution)

    Obtained the customs clearance licenses in Osaka and Tokyo for the first time as a local company Offers the one-stop service through international transportation service and export and import customs clearance service.

  • 3Yongdang Express Cargo Clearance Division in Busan
    (Express Transportation Customs / Domestic Parcel)

    Processes rapidly increasing E-Commerce express cargoes departing from Japan and China through the International Express Cargo Clearance Division of Yongdang Customs which has been established at Busan Port in 2020 in order to disperse and bring in such express cargoes to Busan Port that were previously concentrated on Incheon Port and Pyeongtaek Port.
    PanStar is registered as No.1 express transport company at International Express Cargo Clearance Division of Yongdang Customs in Busan and offers optimized services.


  • Pick-up
    (Entered the client company)

  • Collection of cargo

  • Picking & Packing

  • Release & Delivery

  • Customs & Shipment

  • High-speed Ferry Departure


  • High-speed Ferry Arrival

  • Loading and Unloading

  • Domestic Bonded Transportation

  • Import Customs

  • Parcel Delivery

  • Delivered to Customer

Yongdang Express Cargo Clearance Division in Busan
(Registered as #1 express transportation company)