Ship & Crew Management

Specializing in Ship & Crew Management, Ship Operation

We are specializing in passenger ships aiming to view situations from the perspective of the owners, which offers differentiated management services for the owners in respect of ship, crew and safety such as cost saving and ship management consulting, etc.
We effectively performs ship management services through the ship management system and financial management system that have adopted the company's knowhow on the management of domestic passenger ships and express ferries, and also provides monitoring services which enable the owners to check information on the ship's operations and management conditions online as well as regular management reports.
In particular, we offers the finest solutions for the management and operation of passenger ships based on its years of experiences including passenger ship management, crew training and onboard service operation, etc.

  • 1 Shipbuilding Supervision & Management

    Consults with shipyards to build ships in an energysaving and environment friendly manner while remaining in compliance with various international conventions.
    the classification rules and supervises/manages the shipbuilding processes by suggesting the optimal shipbuilding plans.

  • 2 Safety Management

    Continuously maintains and improves the safety management system installed for safe operation of ships and environment protection so that it is constantly in compliance with requirements of ISM CODE and the applicable laws.

  • 3 Crew Management

    Offers smooth handling service via our systematic crew management service encompassing from recruitment of crew to their resignation.
    Controls precise ship operation schedules and creates efficient work environment for crew and optimizes the crew management costs by handling data such as working hours, wages and holidays, etc.

  • 4 Public Affairs Management

    Enhances transparency by conducting a competitive tender for suppliers of machinery parts and ships' articles and optimal inventory management by avoiding duplicate purchases of unnecessary items.
    Minimizes bunker oil consumption by analyzing ship operations and the optimal ordering of bunker oil based on market analysis and maintenance of adequate quantity of bunker.