Challenge, challenge, and challenge!
PanStara company that goes the way nobody goes.

Ability-oriented personnel with no discrimination of academic background, age, or gender are the basic principles of Panstar Group.
Panstar introduces and implements various personnel systems, and provides institutional support to ensure that all employees work cheerfully in a harmonized corporate culture.

    - Talents who challenge without fearing failure
    We invite talented people who are not afraid of failure, but who have the will and determination to challenge success.
    Creative failure is the privilege of youth. PanStar values the active and active spirit of challenge to find the possibility of success in failure rather than the stability of not challenging it for fear of failure.
    - Talents who develop capabilities and contribute to the company's growth
    We invite talented people who develop their knowledge and capabilities to achieve success with their true skills, not the recklessness of youth.
    No one can beat those who try and prepare. We always wait for talent who is constantly striving for their growth and the development of their organization.
    - A person who knows how to coexist
    Talents who can co-exist with colleagues, customers, and partners
    A truly influential person should know how to cooperate and yield
    We believe society will become greater when our gratitude for society and the people around us is gathered.
    A truly powerful person should have the virtue of cooperating and yielding. PanStar thinks it can make this society warmer by gathering gratitude for the people and society that live together. PanStar is looking for talent who understands his role as a social being. Invest your dreams of being young and far reaching in PanStar.