Panstar GroupDigital Innovation Project-Based Business Design Strategy Consulting-Bidding Notice

  • 작성자: PanStar
  • 작성일: 2021-07-27

1. Items to be submitted to a bid

□ Project Name: Digital Transformation Project-Based Task Design Strategy Consulting (based on AI, BIG DATA analysis)

□ Project period: within 12 months from the date of conclusion of the contract

□ Project amount: Within 400 million won (excluding VAT, average wage for SW engineers in 2021)


2. Eligibility to apply

□ A successful digital transformation project driven by Fanstar Group

□ Companies that hire people who have a master's degree or higher in performance, such as AI and BIG DATA analysis

□ A company that employs employees who have performed more than the level of researchers at related government agencies such as AI and BIG DATA.

□ A company that has not paid for foreclosure, provisional attachment, national tax, local tax, and four major insurance policies as of the date of participation in the bid.


3. Selection Method

□ Selection procedure : Project promotion PROCESS and solution output are evaluated and selected

□ Selection evaluation criteria

- Effectiveness and practicality of data analysis of PROCESS and project result output

- Excellence in project planning, implementation strategies and methods

- Organize project managers and project promotion organizations

- Appropriateness of estimating project cost


4. How to apply

□ Submission documents

- Project implementation PROCESS Part 1

- project result output

□ Submission deadline: July 28, 2021 (Wed) 09:00 to July 29 (Wed) 18:00

□ Submission method: E-mail or mail receipt (mail reception is limited to the minute of arrival on the deadline)

□ Submission place

- Email:

- Mail or direct visit: 30 Haegwan-ro, Jung-gu, Busan, Planning Office on the 5th floor of Fanstar Cruise Plaza


5. Notification of selection results and contract

□ Individually notified to the company determined as the project performer. 

□ Project implementers evaluate the project implementation submission documents and decide after internal consultation.

□ Expected to conclude a consignment contract after selecting a project performer (starting the project implementation after signing a contract)

6. Precautions

□ All submitted documents shall not be returned, and all expenses related to this proposal shall be borne by the proposer.


7. Contact Us

Choi Sung-tae, Planning Office of Fanstar Co., Ltd.