Panstar GroupDW construction for system data reconstruction and big data analysis.

  • 작성자: PanStar
  • 작성일: 2021-08-24

Reconstruct system data and build DW for big data analysis for digital transformation promoted by Fanstar Group.
Open bidding will be made for the software technology services of the underlying work project as follows.

1. Matters to be submitted for bidding.
□ Project name : DW construction-based work project for system data reconstruction and big data analysis
□ Project Period : Within 12 months from the date of signing the contract
□ Project Amount : Total of less than 800 million won (Additional VAT, average wage for SW engineers in 2021 is applied)

2. Eligibility to apply.
□ A company that can successfully carry out digital transformation projects promoted by Panstar Group.
□ A company that employs a large number of people with performance skills, such as AI and BIG DATA analysis with a master's degree or higher in Graduate School.
□ A company that employs personnel who have performed research-level or higher in related government agencies such as AI and BIG DATA.
□ As of the date of participation in the bidding, a company without seizure, provisional seizure, national and local taxes, and arrears of the four major insurances.

3. How to choose.
□ Selection Procedure: Selection after evaluation for project promotion PROCESS and development service results.
□ Criteria for selection evaluation
- The effectiveness and practicality of data analysis of PROCESS and project results.
- Excellence of project planning, implementation strategy, and method
- Project performance capabilities, such as research results of project managers, project promotion organizations, and organizational members, etc.
- Appropriateness of project input and airlift (M/M) and cost calculation.

4. How to apply.
□ Submitted documents
- Project implementation PROCESS and Quotation details Part 1
- Project result part 1.
□ Submission deadline: August 25, 2021 (Wed) 09:00 to August 26 (Thu) 18:00
□ Submission method: E-mail or mail receipt (mail receipt is limited to the arrival date of the receipt deadline)
□ Submission.
- Email:
- Mail or visit in person: Planning office on the 30th floor of Haegwan-ro, Jung-gu, Busan, 5th floor of PanstarCruise Plaza.

5. Notification and contract of selection results.
□ Individual notification to the company determined to carry out the project.
□ The project implementer is selected after in-house consultation by evaluating the documents submitted for implementation of the project.
□ After selecting a project implementer, a consignment contract is scheduled to be concluded (start execution of the project after signing the contract).

6. Precautions.
□ The submitted documents shall not be returned at all, and all expenses related to this proposal shall be borne by the proposer.

7. Contact us.
Choi Sungtae, planning office of PanStar Planning Co., Ltd.